Need Leads in 2016? Contact Voice Logic

Has your business been slumping when you compare yourself to your competition? In the world today you are dealing with companies just like yours that are around the world, not just up the street. You need to do everything you can not only to market your business the right way so you get the most visitors to your location or website but you want to market to just the right audience. In order to do this you are going to need to have quality leads that will convert to sales more often. If you find that you need leads in 2016, contact Voice Logic as the lead generator company that can assist you the most.

The Experience You Need to Work With

Voice Logic has over twenty years of experience in the industry and is on the cutting edge when it comes to the use of technology to assist with marketing campaigns and lead generation. They can assist you no matter what type of business you may have or whether you need to have a sustained campaign for the long-term or are seeking a boost with a one-time promotional offer. Voice Logic makes use of the latest in technology in software to help you market your products and service directly to the people that you want to reach out to the most – those that are most interested in what you have to offer.

Using Techniques That Work

Voice Logic makes use of proven techniques and designs a campaign specifically for you and your business. They can help you right from the start by working with you to create a script that can be used by their telemarketers or crafting the email or fax message that you intend to send out. Once everything has been fine tuned to your liking, their staff can take over and the professionals in their call center can begin the work of contacting leads for you and turning the sales right over to you for completion. They have the ability to quickly reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers to give your business the boost you have needed.

Quality leads are what is going to help bring your business back to the level that you want it at and beyond. Turn to Voice Logic to work with you to create the right marketing campaign to get you the leads and sales that will make a big difference to you.


One of the Best Direct Marketing Firms

As important as it may be for your business to supply great products and services, if no one knows just what you have to offer you will never really get a chance to succeed. It has become even more difficult today since your business faces competition from other businesses all over the world. This means you need to step up your game and spend more time focused on marketing your business properly. Proper marketing is more than just taking out an advertisement in the newspaper; in today’s world you need to reach out directly to those that are most interested in what you have to offer. You need to get the help of one of the best directing marketing firms – Voice Logic – to assist you in marketing.

Years of Experience in Marketing

Voice Logic has been operating as one of the top direct marketing firms in the world since 1993. They have worked on thousands of marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes and have the experience you want working with you to market your business. Voice Logic makes use of the top marketing approaches available today and uses their innovative and unique telecommunications systems and technology to get the job done right. They can work with you on any type of campaign you may want to try, whether it is just a one-time promotion of a sale you are having or a sustained campaign to help cull information and data that can be used to grow your business.

An Approach Tailor-Made for You

Voice Logic is not going to just use a cookie cutter approach to marketing your business. They are going to sit with you to understand your business and your marketing needs so they can help you develop a marketing plan that is best suited for your needs and your budget. They make use of a large call center facility so that they can reach out to your potential customers through direct contact, using a script that they help to create with you to meet just the message you want to convey.

If you want quality results from your marketing efforts then you need to use a company that knows the best tactics to use that really work. Voice Logic can help to guide you in the direction you want to go with your marketing so that more people are aware of what you have to offer and turn to you for their products and services.

Voice Logic – A Professional Voice Marketing Firm

If you want your business to reach new levels of success and stay ahead of the competition in your business niche, then you need to make sure that you are marketing your business successfully. This means making use of multiple avenues to reach your potential customers and clients as best as you can while still staying within your particular budget. This may sound like something of a challenge for you, but with the right marketing service working with you, you can accomplish this and much more. You want to look into what Voice Logic, a professional voice marketing firm, can do for your business.

Helping Grow Your Business

Voice Logic is a marketing specialist that has helped many businesses around the world on all kinds of different projects. They offer a wide array of marketing services that are designed to fit any need you may have and adjust to whatever type of budget you may have for your marketing. Voice Logic makes use of innovative uses of telecommunications and technology to help you in different ways, whether it is by performing surveys for you, reaching out to potential clients for lead generation, marketing through voice mail and email and many other proven methods. They have teams of specialists that will work closely with you to develop marketing plans, campaigns, scripts and more to help get your message out to the public.

Get Everything You Need

Voice Logic can assist you every step of the way with your project. They will help you to form your campaign, whether it a long-term plan, a short plan or just a test campaign. They will work with you on just the right script so the wording is just the way you want it and is most effective for your business. They use teams of experienced telemarketers and personnel to man their call centers and deliver you message perfectly. All along the way you will be supplied with all of the data and reports to see how well the campaign is going and have the leads directed right to your business.

The right marketing plan can make all of the difference to the success of your business. You want to take an aggressive approach and do all that you can to boost your business presence. Voice Logic is just the firm to help guide you with their marketing expertise. Take the time to learn more about what they have to offer and how their business can help yours.

Sales Scripts & Electronic Lead Transfer Tracking

Since VoiceLogic was established a decade ago, we’ve gathered many sales scripts and have used analytics with progress reports to measure their precision. Let us put our extensive knowledge to work for you. By providing you with consistent feedback regarding the effectiveness of your VoiceCasting script or sales script, VoiceLogic hopes to provide you with the info you need to make the necessary adjustments in dialogue. We can help you to create a personalized script to accurately create ongoing dialogue with your customers with our abundant marketing and customer engagement data.  In addition to helping your company edit your VoiceCasting script, VoiceLogic also provides Electronic Lead Transfer, which allows our clients to review leads as they’re uncovered. In turn, this helps our clients increase attendance for their events while simultaneously boosting their marketing response rates by 30%.

At VoiceLogic, we believe your company’s message is crucial in the overall effectiveness of your brand’s reach. Let us manage, design, and execute your businesses marketing process from beginning to end. We certify that our select targeting, VoiceCasting and Message Management services will integrate into your company to enhance your business-to-customer communication experience.

VoiceCasting with VoiceLogic

VoiceCasting was developed by VoiceLogic specifically to give its clients a very effective service in order to send messages to customers and clients without ever having to ring their phone! With VoiceCasting, Voicelogic give its clients the advantage to reach their customer basis without bothering them. VoiceCasting is one of our most effective business-to-consumer b2c message delivery systems. With VoiceCasting, our pro call center staff will deposit your customized marketing sales message or pre-recorded sales pitch into your clients voicemail after choosing the number of residents in order to solicit potential customers. VoiceCasting is one of our highest rated services because it lets our clients communicate with a huge number of potential clients or customers without bothering them by causing their phone to ring. Did you know 85% of sales calls or potential customer outreach calls are sent straight to voicemail? At VoiceLogic, our staff can make 50 to 70 calls a day. Don’t waste your valuable time by manually dialing your potential clients, let VoiceLogic use our state of the art lead generation tool, VoiceCasting, to significantly increase your company’s productivity without wasting time and money. We certify our VoiceCasting Voicemail Broadcasting services will let you escape the monotony of  out-bound cold calling while delivering your message on each and every call. Let VoiceLogic assist your business in a way that allows you to use your time efficiently.

Our VoiceCasting services provide consistent customer service techs to help answer any questions that you might have, while allowing you to prioritize your time to more important tasks. We also allow our clients to target vertical markets opposed to horizontal market consumers. This enables our clients that offer specialized services to singular industries the ability to more effectively reach specific client pools.

In order to speed up your sales cycle and grow your businesses productivity to 10 times its average by broadcasting to more of your potential customers faster, VoiceLogic blends its telemarketing and direct mail services at an affordable rate. This lets us closely monitor our quality control to offer consistent messages to each person, without changing your businesses message or pitch.

Voicle Logic – Marketing with Voice – A Company To Make Your Fortune

These days, call centers are the first choice of all the medium and big businesses, who don’t want a big staff in their office for promotion and help their clients 24/7. If you are a company and looking for the better and great support to lead your business using great tactics, then call center is for you.

Why go with call center services?

The importance of call centers knows only those, who have used the same. What the flexibility, ease, highly organized services, they provide to their clients and their clients’ client, which is actually very phenomenal and amazing. Do know, why to hire them and next time onwards, do hire and check out the huge difference. Here they are-

Cost effective solution

Opting the best call center like- Voice Logic – Marketing with Voice, means you will get everything under one roof. Why it is called cost effective way, just because, you don’t need to hire a large number of staff for you nor you don’t need to invest to grab out the perfect space for them, nor any machinery and various other things. Thus, you don’t think of opting the same means everything will be done in a proper and cost-effective manner? It will save you a lot of cost, hence the best option to go.

Work 24/7

Yes, the same call center can also provide you 24/7, customer support service, which will surely help you up in raising your values and trust by your customers. This is the best and great mode to impress your clients, and get great referrals from them to hire your business only.

They are multi-taskers

Yes, they can handle each and every kind of tasks. For instance, at the same time, they can handle your client’s grievances, help desk support for complete information, order taking services, emergency response and support, for providing track records and many other miscellaneous things they do only to help their clients and reputation in the market.

Get help in cracking the deal

Yes, this is one of the best and most important parts for any call centers that they provide complete help and support to bring business for you. They go with the data provided by the market research team or can also go with the cold callings, in order to impress the clients, to have your services. These manpower is always best and trained and know-how how to attract clients and elevate business. Talking about their communication skills, they are perfect and very polite, which will actually melt anybody and will force anybody to listen them up completely.

The best source

Voice Logic is the one and most recommendable source, which can help any firm in fulfilling their demands in a better and desired way. The capability of the same source, we can directly analyze by checking up the Voice Logic featured clients, which are great and contain hi-tech clients. Thus, surely go with them and get your business uplifted soon.

What is Ringcast Provided by Voice Logic?


Finding the best ways to make the best use of the time of your employees today is critical to the overall success of your business. There is so much competition in every sector of business today that you want to make sure your workers are there for the most interested customers and spending their time productively to advance the business. This means getting away from the traditional models that may exist when it comes to call centers, cold calling, sales calls and the like, all of which can be very time-consuming and not very successful. Now there is a new technology that can change all of this for your business known as Ringcast. You may be wondering – just what is Ringcast provided by Voice Logic?

An Understanding of Ringcast

Ringcast can help you save a great deal of time and money when it comes to making calls to potential customers. The Ringcast system is a service that automates voice broadcasting, sending a recorded message out to recipients all over. You can have a pre-recorded message play as soon as the recipient answers the phone or when the call goes to a voice mail so that your message gets sent. You also have the option of sending the message only when someone picks up the phone or only when a voice mail pick up is indicated. This allows you greater flexibility in when and where your recorded message gets delivered.

Why Ringcast is a Good Option

When you need to have employees manually make calls all day long, repeating the same message over and over, the process can be very time consuming and an inefficient use of your employees’ time overall. You are much better off having more employees available to speak live to those potential customers that are genuinely interested in your business, product or service than having them spend all of this time on your outbound call campaigns. Instead of being limited to the calls that can be made manually each day with Ringcast you have the potential to make thousands of calls each day to potential customers, reaching many more people.

Once you have learned more about what is Ringcast provided by Voice Logic you will see that it can be just the type of broadcasting system you need to get the results you really need from your calling campaigns. Take the time to learn more about the systems and options available to you from Voice Logic so you can make the progress you really need with your business.

Voice Logic’s Outbound Telephone Dialing System – Pollcast

There can be all kinds of reasons where you need to conduct some type of outbound calling for your business or organization. Perhaps you are working on a government or political campaign and need the opinions of potential voters. You may want to have a system of checking on recent customers and their purchases to see how satisfied they are with service. Perhaps you want to conduct a survey regarding a new product line you are considering. Whatever the reasons may be, you may not have the staff or time to dedicate to manually calling for this type of campaign. In situations such as this you should consider Voice Logic’s outbound telephone dialing system – Pollcast.

What Pollcast Can Provide

Pollcast is an outbound marketing technology system created by Voice Logic, one of the leaders in marketing systems and technology today. Pollcast is an outbound system that will dial numbers for you and issue a survey or questionnaire via a pre-recorded message. The message will ask questions and give the answerer options on which buttons to press to respond appropriately. The answers are then recorded and the responses tracked so that you can see the results of all of the calls. This system allows you to reach out to a much wider base of people in a shorter amount of time so that you do not have to dedicate manual callers to the process, freeing them up to handle other duties that may require attention while you still recover all of the pertinent data that you need for your purposes.

Who Might Use a Pollcast System

Pollcast can be an integral system for all types of campaigns that you may be conducting. For the political arena this can be a vital system to receive potential poll numbers for a candidate or to determine which issues are most pressing for constituents in a particular area. Pollcast can also be great to use for customer satisfaction surveys so that you can see how well your business performed with a particular product or service provided to recent customers, helping you to determine where areas of strength and weakness may lay.

Voice Logic’s outbound dialing system Pollcast can be a vital piece of your business and can help you cut back on the amount of time employees spend making this type of call while you still get all of the important information you need to keep your business running efficiently. If you are interested in conducting this type of campaign for easy and more efficient dialing, take the time to contact Voice Logic to discuss your available options today.


How Communication Software and Services Helps in Successful Marketing of Your Business

The past few years have witnessed a tremendous increase in the demand of customized software developmental services. The major reason behind is the flexibility scope that allows the businesses for shaping up the solutions as per the specific needs of the customers. There is also a major benefit of these services because businesses are not required to make investments in a solution that is just incapable of meeting its requirements. Many companies have been seen to hire software application software developmental firms for meeting their routine business needs. Before one makes a final decision, one must look at the following points that play an important for helping you to make a correct decision:

Good communication channels: creating a proper communication channel with the developers assists one to have a full on knowledge about the progression of the customized project. It assists one in assessing the exact performances of the developers and bringing the required changes at an earlier stage.

Skilled professionals: training and hiring professions before using a specific technology in order to bring out the desired results always involves a considerable amount of expenses. These expenses can be conveniently eliminated by one through the hired software developmental company that will allot ample amount of resources for making you skilled in regulation of your business and earning maximum amounts of profits.

Cost-effectiveness: communication software and services do not only save money in training in-house developers but also helps in setting up a proper department that is always going to be there at your service. The required system software and licenses tend to involve a lot of costs that have to be generally borne by the companies. Moreover, the regular maintenance of the software upgrades and systems multiplies the overall costs of the companies that can be obviously eliminated by the hired services. So why not hire the best services online to increase productivity with Voice Logic. You will definitely love working with them when you see your business growing rapidly.

Latest technology: the custom software developmental agencies always have the most recent packages of software. They specifically use the best of techniques so that your firms progresses in an ultimate way. They have a massive collection of intuitive and scalable software that assists businesses in getting optimum results from the investments done.

Quality: the ultimate part of offshore customized developmental services is that they impart cost effective developmental solutions without requiring one to compromise with the quality level. In addition, they impart maintenance services that help in solving out bugs along with upgrading the features of the existing software. They are always available at your services on a single call.

If you feel satisfied with the above mentioned points then you just need to hunt for an apt service provider for your business. Services such as Voice Logice helps increase sales and can boost your business performance. You can have a direct conversation with the professionals for the exact idea that they shall implement in endorsing your business.

Author bio: Jams is a passionate businessman who is thankful to through which he has expanded his business. He recommends everyone to increase productivity with Voice Logic. They can really help you out in marketing your business best.

Voice Logic Services Trump The Competition

Voicelogic provides:

  • Ringless telephone messaging,
  • Voice Mail Courier
  • Guided Voice Mail Relay,
  • Email Broadcasting,
  • Outbound Call Center ,
  • Sales Lead Research,
  • Electronic Lead Transfer,
  • Lead generation tools for Corporations.

VoiceLogic is leading the way in B2B marketing tactics & sales languages. We deliver live operator voice guided systems to utilize your lists with personable communications to keep clients on the line. To save you money, resources, and time we do the research for you and provide high quality leads to enhance your business tenfold.

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