Sales Scripts & Electronic Lead Transfer Tracking

Since VoiceLogic was established a decade ago, we’ve gathered many sales scripts and have used analytics with progress reports to measure their precision. Let us put our extensive knowledge to work for you. By providing you with consistent feedback regarding the effectiveness of your VoiceCasting script or sales script, VoiceLogic hopes to provide you with the info you need to make the necessary adjustments in dialogue. We can help you to create a personalized script to accurately create ongoing dialogue with your customers with our abundant marketing and customer engagement data.  In addition to helping your company edit your VoiceCasting script, VoiceLogic also provides Electronic Lead Transfer, which allows our clients to review leads as they’re uncovered. In turn, this helps our clients increase attendance for their events while simultaneously boosting their marketing response rates by 30%.

At VoiceLogic, we believe your company’s message is crucial in the overall effectiveness of your brand’s reach. Let us manage, design, and execute your businesses marketing process from beginning to end. We certify that our select targeting, VoiceCasting and Message Management services will integrate into your company to enhance your business-to-customer communication experience.


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