A decade of success in telemarketing

VoiceLogic has been involved over a decade pioneering new developments in marketing technology in order to provide its customers with the most beneficial Call Center Programs and Packages: Promoting sales, generating business leads and boosting attendance. Among VoiceLogic’s many services include Voice, Voicecasting, Voicemail courier services, Fax and Email Broadcasting, poll casts and voicemail relays. Our unique  B2C business-to-consumer and B2B business-to-business marketing tools certify 100% delivery on all calls, no matter what. In addition, our digital telephone services and aggressive marketing solutions for the business sector ensure an increase in communication for successful marketing and quick business growth! Between our electronic lead transfer, ringless messaging, live hot transfer, operator guided voicemail courier and unconventional call center services, we’re ready to make a positive financial impact on your company or cause. While some of our call center services may be not typical, we guarantee that VoiceLogic can deliver your message on the 1st attempt. Whether our live operators are playing your customized message for voicemail , reading a script verbatim, we get the job done to greatly increase your businesses productivity while also helping you reach your goals, no matter how huge they are!


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