Sales Scripts & Electronic Lead Transfer Tracking

Since VoiceLogic was established a decade ago, we’ve gathered many sales scripts and have used analytics with progress reports to measure their precision. Let us put our extensive knowledge to work for you. By providing you with consistent feedback regarding the effectiveness of your VoiceCasting script or sales script, VoiceLogic hopes to provide you with the info you need to make the necessary adjustments in dialogue. We can help you to create a personalized script to accurately create ongoing dialogue with your customers with our abundant marketing and customer engagement data.  In addition to helping your company edit your VoiceCasting script, VoiceLogic also provides Electronic Lead Transfer, which allows our clients to review leads as they’re uncovered. In turn, this helps our clients increase attendance for their events while simultaneously boosting their marketing response rates by 30%.

At VoiceLogic, we believe your company’s message is crucial in the overall effectiveness of your brand’s reach. Let us manage, design, and execute your businesses marketing process from beginning to end. We certify that our select targeting, VoiceCasting and Message Management services will integrate into your company to enhance your business-to-customer communication experience.


VoiceCasting with VoiceLogic

VoiceCasting was developed by VoiceLogic specifically to give its clients a very effective service in order to send messages to customers and clients without ever having to ring their phone! With VoiceCasting, Voicelogic give its clients the advantage to reach their customer basis without bothering them. VoiceCasting is one of our most effective business-to-consumer b2c message delivery systems. With VoiceCasting, our pro call center staff will deposit your customized marketing sales message or pre-recorded sales pitch into your clients voicemail after choosing the number of residents in order to solicit potential customers. VoiceCasting is one of our highest rated services because it lets our clients communicate with a huge number of potential clients or customers without bothering them by causing their phone to ring. Did you know 85% of sales calls or potential customer outreach calls are sent straight to voicemail? At VoiceLogic, our staff can make 50 to 70 calls a day. Don’t waste your valuable time by manually dialing your potential clients, let VoiceLogic use our state of the art lead generation tool, VoiceCasting, to significantly increase your company’s productivity without wasting time and money. We certify our VoiceCasting Voicemail Broadcasting services will let you escape the monotony of  out-bound cold calling while delivering your message on each and every call. Let VoiceLogic assist your business in a way that allows you to use your time efficiently.

Our VoiceCasting services provide consistent customer service techs to help answer any questions that you might have, while allowing you to prioritize your time to more important tasks. We also allow our clients to target vertical markets opposed to horizontal market consumers. This enables our clients that offer specialized services to singular industries the ability to more effectively reach specific client pools.

In order to speed up your sales cycle and grow your businesses productivity to 10 times its average by broadcasting to more of your potential customers faster, VoiceLogic blends its telemarketing and direct mail services at an affordable rate. This lets us closely monitor our quality control to offer consistent messages to each person, without changing your businesses message or pitch.

A decade of success in telemarketing

VoiceLogic has been involved over a decade pioneering new developments in marketing technology in order to provide its customers with the most beneficial Call Center Programs and Packages: Promoting sales, generating business leads and boosting attendance. Among VoiceLogic’s many services include Voice, Voicecasting, Voicemail courier services, Fax and Email Broadcasting, poll casts and voicemail relays. Our unique  B2C business-to-consumer and B2B business-to-business marketing tools certify 100% delivery on all calls, no matter what. In addition, our digital telephone services and aggressive marketing solutions for the business sector ensure an increase in communication for successful marketing and quick business growth! Between our electronic lead transfer, ringless messaging, live hot transfer, operator guided voicemail courier and unconventional call center services, we’re ready to make a positive financial impact on your company or cause. While some of our call center services may be not typical, we guarantee that VoiceLogic can deliver your message on the 1st attempt. Whether our live operators are playing your customized message for voicemail , reading a script verbatim, we get the job done to greatly increase your businesses productivity while also helping you reach your goals, no matter how huge they are!

At affordable meeting.

At affordable meeting.

Voice Logic Toronto, Canada

One of the most important aspects of any type of business you own or conduct is how well you handle the marketing of your business. The only way you ever going to get the proper notice and visibility that you really want is to make use of all of the marketing capabilities that you have so that you can reach the largest audience and reach out to the most potential customers. In order to do this properly today, you need to make use of all the technology that is available to you and the systems that can help you. Voice Logic Toronto, Canada can help you create unique methods of broadcasting your marketing message like never before to reach your audience.

Explaining What Voice Logic Does

Founded in 1993, Voice Logic is a unique company that provides new marketing technology to all business genres. They have looked at the traditional model of the call center and what it provides for business and have created newer and better ways to make use of the ways to get the message out about your business. Instead of following traditional models of cold calls and manual dialing for marketing to potential customers, Voice Logic has used today’s computer technology to create system solutions that allow for mass dialing and calling through the use of voicemail, email broadcasting, business-to business marketing and more. These Systems are all designed to spread your message effectively and efficiently so that your employees can spend their time more productively.

Voice Logic Helps with it All