Voice Logic | Make Payments With Your Mobile Device

In this modern and tech driven day in age, smart phones have almost become permanently attached to the hands of many. However, each and every time anyone has to make a payment, the story takes a turn. We’ve all seen it, customers struggle to find a place to stow away their cell or mobile device in order to scour their purse, wallet or pocket for their wallet or cash. Being able to use your phone or mobile device as a digital wallet most recently became a hot topic as company’s began to install sensors allowing customers the option to swipe, scan, or even tap their phone to pay at check out registers across the country. However, this long-promised future seems to have slowed in its tracks and we’ve been starting to wonder what happened.

Voice Logic Customers Make Payments With Mobile Devices

For years, multiple Tech Companies came forward promising that their customers could make payments with their mobile devices, but we never really noticed an established winner, and all of the competitors applications seemed to fizz out of the lime light pretty quickly. So at Voice Logic, we’ve developed a way for our customers to easily make payments with their phones and other mobile devices, totally hassle free.

Swipe to Pay With Your Cell Phone or Mobile Device with Voice Logic

With our quick mobile pay program you can safely transfer money and make payments with ease. In addition to our mobile payment services, Voice Logic helps our customers easily manage e-mail campaigns and utilize their HTML capabilities in order to provide the highest quality e-mail solution available on the market today. And of equal importance, our transparent systems deliver our customers messages to specifically targeted e-mail audiences instantly.

Contact Us to Make Payments With Your Cell Phone with Voice Logic

If you have questions about the services that we offer that enable our customers to make payments with their mobile devices and phones or would simply like to obtain addition information regarding the services of Voice Logic. Contact us at 866.611.7667. You’re sure to be satisfied with our safe and effortless mobile payment program, as it’s been putting smiles on the faces of our customers for years.


VoiceLogic | Proud Member of the Direct Marketing Association

VoiceLogic | Proud Member of the Direct Marketing Association

For over ten years, VoiceLogic has been a pioneer in the realm of new marketing technologies by providing our growing customer base with the most effective call center services that guarantee to help generate sales. Additional services that our clients seek us out for include our more specific call center services like generating business leads and increasing attendance for an upcoming event. Voice, fax and email broadcasting service are only the beginning of the innovative messaging services offered by VoiceLogic. Now a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA,) VoiceLogic is assured to grow more rapidly than ever.

Direct Marketing Association Approved | VoiceLogic

After recently confirming VoiceLogic as a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association, we can guarantee that with us, your message is 100% delivered on the first call attempt. In order in most effectively increase your productivity, our live VoiceLogic Operators will play your customized message into voicemail or read the script aloud themselves.  Having spent the last ten years researching methods that eventually led VoiceLogic to create VoiceCasting exclusively, we’ve been able to allow our customers to send voice messages without ringing their phone at all. With its rising popularity in the United States, VoiceCasting has cemented its place in tech history for supplying its users with a way of delivering a message without disturbing your customer or client.

VoiceLogic | Additional Services

Let’s take a look at some of the additional services provided by VoiceLogic. Most recently, our unique business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing tools have been particularly popular with the vast majority of our clients. Now as a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association, VoiceLogic guarantees to offer the most effective computer telephone service ands and marketing solutions have been a huge help to business-oriented clients.

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If you have questions or comments regarding the services provided by VoiceLogic or would simply like to speak to one of our friendly service representatives about a potential service for you or your business don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our engaging staff is standing by and waiting to help you be as productive as possible so that your company receives the attention that it deserves! Contact us at 866.611.766

VoiceLogic Launches Responsive Website

We’re extremely excited to announce that our new VoiceLogic Website is completely mobile responsive. Simply put, this means that you can enjoy the effective and friendly services provided by VoiceLogic on any number of personal mobile devices including the web browser on your cell phone! Here we’ll take the time to go over exactly what launching our new responsive mobile site means for you. And additionally, will cover a number of helpful user-friendly frills and applications that we’ve included to make our services as easy to use as possible.

Launching our Responsive Website | New User-Friendly Additions

In order to help our potential customers fully understand the attention to detail that the telephone service operators at VoiceLogic give each and every individual message and call, we’ve integrated sound strips in our sample page. This way you can get an idea of the type of service provided by VoiceLogic that might be best for you and your needs. Take the time to scroll down our sample page yourself to listen to real message recordings. Take your time to check out our four available voice messaging services, “live hot transfer,” “voice casting”, “ring cast” and “voice mail courier.”

New User-Friendly Mobile Responsive Website | VoiceLogic

As American consumers continue to adopt more and more smartphone and handheld devices, we decided that it was finally time to take the plunge by upgrading our site so that our rapidly growing customer base could continue to use VoiceLogic at their convenience. At the same time, we know the importance of a consistent and user friendly website, and have therefore made sure that our new webpage will only continue to become easier to use over time. By weighing out factors such a click vs. touch, screen-size, pixel resolution, support for Adobe’s Flash technology, and optimized markup, we’re proud to announce that the release of our mobile responsive website will make using VoiceLogic’s services easier than ever before.

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If you have questions regarding the capabilities of our brand new and updated mobile responsive website, or need assistance in navigating any of its new features, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our friendly and experienced telephone service representatives are standing by the phone and ready to help you with any issue you may have. Contact us at 866.611.7667.