The Telemarketing Myth

Many companies consider the pros and cons of telemarketing services and often rule it out as a thing of the past. The thing they don’t understand is that telemarketing is still just as effective as always, with marketing response rates increased over 30%. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to the effective nature of broadcasting a message to thousands nationwide. When brands are looking for a direct marketing strategy, look no further than Voice Logic’s voice casting practices.

Your business advantages include: 

  • Real Human Customer Service assistance 7AM to 12 Midnight.
  • Record number of prospect outreach on an hourly basis
  • Target specific movers and shakers in the industry
  • Blend the power of direct mail with telemarketing for an affordable rate
  • Quality control – consistent messaging is delivered to each contact
  • Sales Script Consultation
  • 10 X increase in productivity by reachling clients faster
  • Boost your sales cycle
  • Electronic lead transfer – receive your leads as soon as they are discovered
  • Increase event attendance levels by 40%
  • Increase marketing response rates by 30%

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