Voice Logic’s Outbound Call Center saves time and money

As a business, you may be asking yourself what the next step in your marketing strategy could be. Flyers, Internet Promotions, Banners, and Adwords only do so much. One age old method is that of the telephone call center. This method is tested and has proven effective year after year despite what anyone ever seems to think. Calls placed from our “Rapid Outbound Callcenters” reach thousands of people, collect valuable information, and bypass your in office cold callers.

In order to avoid countless hours cold calling people, thousands of corporations hire rapid outbound call center services at Voice Logic to handle this aspect of their business. Our efficient set up reduces costs to a minimum. You can calculate costs in advance, and place responsibility in the hands of Voice Logic.

On each call list our agents by pass receptionists and gatekeepers for each on your list. With Rapid Outbound Calls you can fully bypass cold calling forever. This greatly reduces call center costs, allows prior calculations, and saves so much time for everyone in your company.

Rapid Outbound Calls are perfect for following up to a direct email campaign, cold calls, retaining client relations, reminders, events, and expediting your prospect list by the thousands every day. This is how Voice Logic has come to where they are now.


The Telemarketing Myth

Many companies consider the pros and cons of telemarketing services and often rule it out as a thing of the past. The thing they don’t understand is that telemarketing is still just as effective as always, with marketing response rates increased over 30%. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to the effective nature of broadcasting a message to thousands nationwide. When brands are looking for a direct marketing strategy, look no further than Voice Logic’s voice casting practices.

Your business advantages include: 

  • Real Human Customer Service assistance 7AM to 12 Midnight.
  • Record number of prospect outreach on an hourly basis
  • Target specific movers and shakers in the industry
  • Blend the power of direct mail with telemarketing for an affordable rate
  • Quality control – consistent messaging is delivered to each contact
  • Sales Script Consultation
  • 10 X increase in productivity by reachling clients faster
  • Boost your sales cycle
  • Electronic lead transfer – receive your leads as soon as they are discovered
  • Increase event attendance levels by 40%
  • Increase marketing response rates by 30%

Importance of Web Communication for Today’s Business

Web communication such as video E-mail and Video Conferencing are getting more and more popular these days. Especially for the businesses today, people are using these brilliant tools for growing their communication needs and to enhance their sales and overall profits.

Well, why is visual media getting so much popular? This is simply because it enhances the communication and hence this is the technology that helps in communicating better. Web communication mediums are of much importance for today’s businesses. Business people and organizations can effectively communicate with their clients by using better services such as Video E-mail and Video Conferencing which are brilliantly used as a perfect marketing tool.

With such as great technology at hand people can now enhance their sales and get excellent profits by communicating better with their clients. Most of you don’t know the fact that an average person will only spend up to 10 seconds viewing their text messages. But an average person will watch a video to 80% completion and hence can be used for getting high percentage of conversions through these most powerful web communication and conference line service medium.

Better ways of web communication matters most to the competitive businesses these days. Services like Video E-mail, Video Conferencing, online meeting, online conferencing, etc. are boosting up the profits that business makes. By implementing better web communication into the business one can easily enhance the way of communication and thus easily increases the sales. As we know that pictures are more effective than text and videos are more effective than pictures, these are the online conferencing services that are more important for business to compete.

Services such as online conferencing and others are today much needed for businesses. It is one of the most fantastic ways and a marketing tool that can affect the sales of the company. And in turn these are the services that can easily help you get better ROI which you are actually aiming at.

The call center of any company makes it professional and more trustworthy for the customers. So if you want to provide the calling and video conferencing service in for customer care or other purposes then voicelogic.co, an Outbound Call Center will offer you best service for it. They will offer you professionalism and ease in their services which will make the services even more effective and convenient for you. The addition of Voicemail Courier, Voicecasting, Voicemail Relay and Pollcast will help you to do the advancement in your business. Additionally, their services will significantly gather more and more customer’s appreciations and preferences for your company which will lead you to tremendous success in short period of time.

Author bio: David is a business man who believes in using latest technologies and services for his business growth. With the help of Voicemail courier and outbound call center services he is very confident and happy with the results he gets. He recommends checking out the services offered by www.voicelogic.com in case if you are looking for improving your business growth and profits.