The Beginnings Of Voicemail Courier

How VoiceMail Courier® happened: 

Due to changes in the FCC fax broadcasting industry, like the do not fax laws, and the do not call laws, companies were no longer permitted to use specific means of communication like  voice and fax broadcasting as a way to discover new clients. Without these tools at hand, sales teams found themselves back to square on making cold calls.

During the cold calling processes, it was statistically recorded that over 80% of the calls didn’t reach a real person and instead met a voicemail. Sales people were had to either;

  1. leave a message, or
  2. hang up and call back again, hoping to reach live person.

This cold call process can become a great waste of time. With the frustration of encountering voicemail and repeating the same sales message, VoiceMail Courier® call center was developed to deal with this repetitive phone task. As VoiceMail Courier revolutionizes the call industry, Sales Teams can get back to doing what they do best.


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