Voice Logic Saves Your Telemarketing Operation Thousands

Voice Logic is always on the innovative side of communications technology. Where others fail to implement future technology, Voice Logic takes pride in adapting to the ever changing world of global business communications.

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Our direct message services enable businesses to leave detailed and specified automated messages pertaining to their telemarketing. This allows a message to be planted within an answering machine or voicemail without first going through the client. The customer has no chances to hang up and instead is greeted with a pleasant voicemail pitch or notification Tasks such as the following can be avoided: .

  • Dialing phone numbers
  • Ringing the phone
  • Waiting for an answer
  • Negotiating with reception
  • Being put on hold
  • Waiting for the right party to attend the phone
  • Getting thrown into voicemail
  • Verbally repeating another message into voice mail

This greatly increases the chance for an actual response. No more waiting around, losing money by the hour on pending cases. With Voice Logic, your company can save thousands.


How Email Broadcasting works at Voice Logic

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EMAIL SERVICES From Voice Logics Development Team

This unique service allows clients to easily manage enterprise e-mail campaigns, utilizing HTML capabilities to provide the highest quality e-mail solution. Our transparent systems deliver messages to targeted e-mail audiences instantly.

Our eMail broadcasting transmits up to 100,000 messages per hour compared to the industry average of 40,000 messages per hour.

eMail broadcasting is ideal for investor communications’ customer service communications, mass marketing, advertising and promotion, press releases, and personalized letters.

VoiceLogic.com offers three options for eMail broadcasting:

E-mail Merge
Reach your target through our E-mail Merge capabilities. This service allows for personalized information to be sent directly to your audience.

E-mail HTML
With our E-mail HTML solution, you can provide your message with your corporate look and feel. E-mail HTML allows for active links, graphics and logos within the body of your message.

E-mail HTML Merge
Simply combine the best of both worlds and send your personalized message with graphics, links and/or an attachment.

Harness the power of our transparent systems to instantly deliver your message to targeted audiences. Recipients will appreciate responsibly delivered e-mail advisories that contain timely, relevant information…and you will appreciate our comprehensive list management and fast, courteous service.

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