Voice Logic Services

Voice Logic is a leader in new marketing technologies, and has been for over a decade now. The innovation and creative spirit is what drives our business to excellence. With such inventions as VoiceCasting, people can send messages without ever ringing a phone. Voice Logic is also responsible for Email Broadcasting, allowing users to utilize html and effectively send email to specified demographics and email account holders. Offering LIVE customer service 7am-midnight enables Voice Logic to give our clients the best assistance possible, avoiding dysfunctional automated systems and confusing call routing. Our services are proven to boost marketing response over 30%, and have helped companies increase event attendance levels by 40%. We assist in sales scripts as well as various proven marketing techniques that set us ahead of the curve. With such clientele as Procter and Gamble and Direct TV, our knowledge of brand identity and marketing is of the highest caliber.

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Voice Logic’s services can lend a helping hand towards more outlets than we can list, with political campaigns,  Insurance Sales, Real Estate, and Call Centers to name a few.  The trademark VoiceLogic services have expanded the realm of mass marketing ten fold, responsible for the brand enhancement of hundreds of corporations, companies, and groups alike. Outbound Call Center, Voicemail Courier, Ring Cast, Pollcast, Voice Casting, Fax Broadcasting, Sales Lead  Research, Email Broadcasting, and Live Hot Transfer are all under the wing of Voice Logic custom services and innovations that we pride our name on.

Based in Toronto Canada since 1993, Voice Logic has become an internationally recognized corporation. Voice Logic offers free quotes and estimates on services. Voice Logic is able to keep record of data, while maintaining your marketing strategies, allowing your campaign to be broadcast to the widest audience available. As a continually expanding company, we promise to build close relationships with our clients, allowing a reliable and reachable service for every facet of marketing.


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